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Our massage sessions are completely tailored to you. Whether you are looking for relaxation, therapeutic, deep pressure, hot stone or focused massage. We individualize each treatment to benefit you. Massage is an effective way to reduce stress and help treat pain and discomfort. Essential oils and Hot stones are always complimentary.



This gentle and stress relieving massage is designed to support good health and well-being throughout your pregnancy. It is a full body experience that will leave your skin feeling soft and your muscles free of tension.We use Pregnancy Bolsters that are custom to a changing body, allowing you to comfortably lay face down on the table.*we recommend you check with your midwife or caregiver before receiving any massage treatments while pregnant


Reiki Treatment

Reiki is the spiritual practice of re-establishing a normal energy flow of Ki (universal energy) throughout the system. An ancient healing ritual to ease stressed emotions and a weary mind. Using a variety of different hand placements, gently on or slightly above your body, will help transfer energy through the different meridians and chakras in your body. Taking gentle time to clear your chakras using a crystal pendulum, energy work, and Palo Santo smudging.

Massage Prices

30 minutes: $40

60 minutes: $65 

90 minutes: $80

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Intensive protective action against the main factors that accelerate aging, acne and corrective action for the first signs of unbalanced. A controlled glycolic peel, purifies and brightens the skin, followed by a customized soothing mask and vitamin C serum. A custom tailored facial that will promote radiance and health in your skin paired with a hand and foot massage. No downtime just brilliant skin.

Reveal your Brilliance

Elements of Nature

Begin in the sauna to help open your pores calm your mind and detoxify. Feel completely serene with our most luxurious facial. First, we nourish and detoxify your skin with a customized blend of minerals, and essential oils. Enjoy a Facial using Mineral mud mask, rosehip  oil. Next, a soothing eye mask will hydrate and reduce puffiness. A Hot Stone arm and foot will calm your body and mind. This treatment is Grounding, revitalizing and relaxing. Leaving your skin naturally glowing.

Restore your Skin

Restore radiance and health in your skin, whether you have acne or aging, with this medical grade facial treatment using our Proderm line of professional products. Innovative products reawaken the skins turnover, resurfacing the epidermis to bestow an illuminating, healthy appearance and improve environmental damage. Age defying ingredients that are created to improve, brighten and heal the skin.  Hot stone arm and foot massage to restore your mind and body.

Facial Prices

60 Minutes: $95

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Face & Sugaring

AlumierMD Facial is tailored to your individual skin care needs. From the Wash we use, to the level of exfoliation needed, we choose products that will benefit and target your indivudial needs.

All facials include shoulder and neck massage, arm and foot treatment to enhance your experience and leave you feeling pampered.

Tailored Facial

Body Sugaring

image1 (6).png

Body Sugaring is a safe and beautiful way

to effectively and safely remove body hair.

The special benefit to using sugar paste 

is that it adheres only to the hair follicle and the dead skin cells, so is safe and less painful, has a decrease chance of breakage leaving you with smooth and soft skin.


Underarms: $35

Face: $ 45

Bikini: $45

Brazillian: $65

Chest: $70

Back: $80

Body Waxing

image0 (9).png

Body Waxing is a safe and effective way to treat unwanted body hair.

The benefit of using hard wax is to promote silky smooth skin and minimize irritation and redness. We love this for shaping brows, underarms and face.


Lip/Chin :$20

Underarms: $35

Brows: $20

Face: $45

Facial Prices

60 Minutes: $95

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Hands & Feet


Take quick care of  your feet. Relax with a steam towel wrap, deep citrus exfoliation, meticulous attention for your cuticles, and a nail shape. This quick treatment is complete with your choice of Organic SpaRitual polish colors. Perfect treatment to ad to a massage or facial, or on its own for a quick nail fix.

Quick Care

Massage and Pedi

Massage Therapy

Relaxing full body massage tailored just for you. Hot Stones, essential oils, hot compress and customized pressure paired with care pedicure. Foot exfoliation, massage, nail care and our signature vegan Spa Ritual Polish.

Signature Pedicure

Your service begins with a soothing foot soak while you receive a comforting aromatherapy welcome. Your nails and cuticles will receive meticulous attention while the soles of your feet are buffed and smoothed with care. We then refresh your feet and legs with a hydrating sugar exfoliation followed by a bees wax and shea butter wrap. Your tension and stress will be whisked away with both a hand and foot massage followed by your choice of organic Spa Ritual polish.

Pedi Prices

30 min Quick Care: $40

60 min Signature: $65

Massage & Pedi: $ 90

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Natural Beauty

A effective facial treatment using our anti-aging professional product line and relaxation techniques  radio frequency skin tightening system. Effective for a nice tightening treatment. Results are optimized using a series of treatments.

Skin Tightening Facial

Citrus Sugar Scrub

A full body experience that will leave your skin feeling soft and your muscles free from tension. First you will receive a full body citrus exfoliation followed by a hot towel foot wrap. You will then enjoy a head to toe massage including an infused aromatherapy face and scalp massage.

Raindrop Oil Massage

The raindrop technique involves the amazing power of essential oils mixed with a variety of massage techniques including back massage and heat application. The technique is designed to bring the body back into structural and electrical alignment. A balanced blend of massage, essential oils, reflexology and energy work. Custom essential oil blend is dripped up the spine creating a raindrop effect.

Combination Prices

75 Minutes: $90

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Closed Eye

Henna Brows are a beautiful alternative to shaping and coloring your eyebrows. Using Henna, a plant based dye, that tints your skin, coats your hair, and has results that last up to 14 days. Let us shape your brows using henna.

Henna Brows

Brow Wax

image0 (9).png

A quick and safe way to shape and define

your eye brows. Using a hard wax that is gentle on your skin and precise for brow shaping. Beautiful on its own and enhanced with henna brow tint.

Teeth Whitening

Smiling Woman

Teeth whitening is customized to your individual needs. Using FDA approved products, with practitioners that have been trained by dental professionals, to ensure safe, sensitive free, brilliant results.

6-12 shades whiter in 1 session

No post treatment sensitivity

Results you notice right away

1 treatment" $139

Side by Side: $200


Henna Brows: $45

Series of 3: $100

Brow shaping: $20

Henna & Wax: $55

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