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Massage is unique to you, enjoy our custom , tailored massage just for you.


Facials are unique to your skin type, customized just for you.

"There is something very powerful in self care. When people take
time to prioritize themselves, find joy for themselves and fill there 
vessel with everything & anything that brings them happiness, magical things happen."

-Karen Hungar, Owner

Massage & Spa

Kamloops, BC

Hands & Feet

Take care of your hands and feet

With a variety of rejuvenating choices


Our favourite combination treatments, in a perfect package for you.

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Body Sugaring

Body Sugaring for safe and effective hair removal. With sugaring the paste doesn't stick to your top layer of skin, it adheres to the hair and dead skin cells. Less Pain, water soluable, less breakage.

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Body Waxing

Using a safe, hard wax, to gently

remove and shape eyebrows,

facial hair and underarms.

Henna Brows

Henna Brows are a natural alternative to eyebrow coloring, made of plant based ingredients to safely dye, shape, and coat the hair and skin for natural, pretty eyebrows.

Eyes and Brows

Teeth Whitening

Customized teeth whitening

to safely and effectively whiten your smile. Using products that we tailor to  your specific needs and expectations.

Beautiful Smile

Did you know...

is also a full service medi spa?

From botox, to filler, to laser hair removal... we will keep you looking and feeling beautiful. Check out our medical aesthetics services here:

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